Sex link or not

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6 Years
Apr 10, 2013
My second chick just hatched. It looks totally different than the first it is brown with a yellow beak ,the first one was black with a black beak. Does anyone know if a RIR roo and an E/E hen makes sex links. I believe that is the correct term if not i apologize. I'm still new and learning as I go. I appreciate all answers and input.
No sex linkage with that cross, sorry. The good news is with the easter egger hen, they're kind of wildcard genetics for color and can have a variety of different colored babies from the same rooster! It makes them fun to do backyard breeding with, where you're just wanting a lot of color and some decent layers.
That's awesome. Thanks for the info. Now I get to look forward to seeing what different color of chicks hatch out.

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