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    I know i read the answer to this question somewhere but can't find it again. I have Cayugas and Gold Star Hybrid ducks. The Cayugas are mostly drakes and the GSDs are hens. My BCM hen went broody and sat on some of their eggs, then her chick eggs hatched, she gave up on the duck eggs and I finished them in the incubator. Now i have 3 ducks hatched so far. All are completely black except for some white/yellow on their chests. I'm pretty sure they are crosses of the GSD/Cayuga and not pure cayuga because my original pure cayuga ducklings had no white on their breasts and I doubt my one cayuga hen is even laying yet. So onto my question:

    How does the coloration work here? Black Drake over Brown Sex-Linked hen. I think I read that a black hen over brown drake produces sex-linked offspring with black males and brown females but the other way around just produces all black offspring, which is my situation and what I seem to have ended up with. Is any of that correct or did I just make all that up?


    okay I may have answered at least half my question.

    I keep saying I will but I really need to get this darn guide!
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    I'm still earning about how all the genetics work, but with my Khaki and Dark Campbells, I know a bit about the sex-linked brown gene.

    The sex-linked brown gene passes from drake to his daughters - if you breed a drake with the brown gene to a black or grey duck, you'll end up with sex-linked ducklings (brown females, black/grey males). It does not work the other way around; although a percentage of the ducklings will be carrying the sex-linked brown gene, none of them will be expressing it (they'll all be black/grey).

    The white bib is coming from the Gold Star's - see this picture from the McMurray website, which shows a Gold Star drake and duck:

    Quote:So, according to what I know, that's correct - you're not making things up at all! [​IMG]
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