Sex of these four week old Silver Laced Polish?


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May 14, 2014
Hi all... I was given these babies and they were supposedly hatched on 8/17, though one of them has always looked a bit behind developmentally. I read things about beak horns and leg size, and not to rely on the crests for a good long time, but I can't make sense of any of these! Anyone out there that can help?

The pics aren't great, but here they are in groups of head and body shot per bird...

Chick 1 (Oreo)

Chick 2 (Sheena the punk rocker! Oi!)

Chick 3 (Ke$hA... Don't ask. SMH)

Chick 4 (That other one)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Wow they have some crazy head gear!!! I think you may have to give them more time polish are very hard to sex I don't even try to start guessing until mine are 8 weeks and then they tend to prove me wrong :he. Either way lovely birds and good luck in searching for your answer :idunno
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I'm not seeing any obvious rooster signs in any of them. However, if any were to be cockerels, I would guess #1 would be, based off the crest.
It is too young to tell their gender accurately, but none are showing obvious rooster signs yet. I would post new photos when they are 8 weeks old; by then, the gender should be more obvious.
/nod.... thank you all! I will send more pics at 8 weeks. I was looking for any waddles starting, but didn't see any yet.
I cannot wait until my SLP goes through this phase. I love it! They are so cute! Here's my 8 day old baby, Spork.

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