Sexing 16.5 wk old Barnevelders. Help! ..... Soooo difficult! :-/


7 Years
Jan 18, 2013
Adelaide, South Australia
Hi, everyone!

Sexing these Barnevelders are so difficult!! From my research, I think the smallest one is a male as he doesn't have any double lacing whilst the other three, I think, are girls. A friend of mine thinks that I have two boys and two girls so I don't know!
One thing that is confusing is that some of the lacing inside the lacing is broken up in some of these chickens so I don't know whether that is a sign or not.

So, here are some photos. Hopefully, by this age, someone out there knows!

1st Barnevelder (Ylw Tag L) Female? My friend thinks this one is a male:

2nd Barnevelder (Ylw Tag R) This is the only one with no dark smudging on his/her legs but there is still some dbl lacing: Some strong. Some broken or indistinct. Female?

Sorry about some really bad pics here but they are soo fidgety!!

3rd Barnevelder (Rd Tag L) This one has very thick outer lacing. Boy? The only thing is, is that he appears to have dbl lacing on his wings!

This one is also of his chest area.

4th Barnevelder Silver. I don't know why they call this one Silver as it's more of a grey brown colouring but it appears that there are 2x types of Silver Barnevelders. This colour and another that is Black and White. I think this one is female as does my friend. She's rather pretty but these four are just soo nervy! I've hatched them myself and handled them every day but, no matter what, they don't like me picking them up! It drives me nuts! So, I'll be selling this lot anyway! But I don't want to lead their future owners astray re their sex if it can be helped. Though, of course, I'll take it back if it is a Rooster and they didn't want one!

Well, that's all of them! It'll be interesting to see what you guys think. Hopefully, it will help others with similar problems with sexing Barnevelders. Btw, I'm located in Adelaide, Australia, so I don't know how different the Barnevelders are overseas but our Barnevelders are from overseas originally anyway!


Also just wanted to say that it's probably because they are teenagers that they seem nervous of you. They should settle down once they start laying.

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