Sexing Australorp


10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Do hens have spurs?
I bought my Australorp from a hatchery that said they only sold hens, however my 4-week-old chicken is beginning to get what looks like spurs on both of his/her legs, could they by chance gave me the wrong sex? I'm not allowed to own roosters where I live, only hens.
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All chickens will have little spur nubs at 4 weeks old. Males won't have obvious spurs developing for months. So the spurs on your baby don't necessarily mean it's a male. How's its comb and wattles developing?
Ohhh, you're right, I didn't notice my other young chicken also had smaller ones, that i just checked, they blinded in with her feet more and she is definitely a hen. It has a very small comb that's really not very noticeable and a very very small space barley seen where the wattle would be, so.. I'm guessing she may be a she after all?

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