Sexing Cornish-Cross Chicks.........

The roos grow faster and make the best roasters. The hens are good too, but they are better at an early age as Cornish Hens. They grow out smaller. This is the one breed they sell roos for more than hens. Poor things, neither has a very long life. I put 14 of them under one broody hen, she is in heaven. In two weeks she will be overwhelmed, but at least I have satisfied her mother instinct. I think an ideal set up would be about 4 broody hens in one cage that get along and let them all raise about 25 of these babies.
Most places will not let you sort out the roosters if sold strait run unless it is a farm store and you are getting only a few (don't recommend buying meat birds from a store) they cannot be feather sexed reliably only vent sexed and I don't know why but I seem to get more roos every time I buy them like 2 to 1.
I picked the chicks with the longest wing feathers, was mostly females. So the next batch, I picked the ones with the shortest wing feathers, and it is a few more males than females. The females are best as the cornish game hens, the males make a good sunday dinner. They always let me choose which ones I want, it's a guess for me anyway. But, the females feather out faster in some breeds. HenZ

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