Sexing ducks

It's actually not that difficult to sex ducks at day one and on... you do have to learn though and it does take a little bit of time... there is a really good website that shows you how to do it... google "sexing ducks" If I can find it I will send it to you. Just remember you are not going to be 100% accurate until you do it alot and get the hang of it...

Here are two links... I am unable to find the one that has pictures of how to do it... but hopefully these will help you out... I will try to keep looking for the one with pictures... also there is a book out that shows how, BUT, lol... I cant remember which one it is ... sorry... tired and brain dead...

Good Luck.....Tes
Do a search for 'ducks' in the "other birds, poultry, fowl" section here on BYC, you will get loads of info.

Raising ducks is a lot like raising chicks. They are more naturally disease resistant and need lower temperatures during the brooding stage. They eat a LOT. They can have chick starter, but cannot have medicated chick starter.

But...they are extremely messy. That is the one thing that people will tell you when you say you want ducks.
Thanks, I am sort of old fashion, I was raised on a farm where as a child i actually had duties. Even though my daughter is only 19 months old, I have already started her to work, well its still a game for her but she feeds and waters all of our animals, so even if they are messy I have a little slave that it more than willing to help out. Just out of curiosity, I was going to get my ducklings at the local feed store, what breed do they typically sell? any ideas?
Okay, I followed your directions, and all I could see was a wiggling, wet area. That's it. and the ducklings were not happy. I couldn't see anything other than just a wet butt thing. Certainly not enough to determine sex. What am i doing wrong? Can't I just stick some matchbox cars in the pen and see which ones gravitate towards it?
Nope, no red when they're little. Pekins will be all yellow because they are white birds, while most muscovies have some color (not all, I have a hen that is all white) so the babies will have some brown or black spots on them. If you pick them up at the feed store, chances are someone is going to know what they have for sale. Lucky you if your feed store carries them, mine only carries live birds at Easter--and then, only chickens.

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