Sexing Help: 2 ‘Sexed Female’ Blue Favaucana with different tail feathers:


Nov 24, 2020
San Jose, Ca
We purchased two sexed female Blue Favaucana day old chicks from MyPetChicken (10 total). They’ll be 2 weeks old tomorrow so I understand it’s quite early to sex them. However, I’ve noticed one has significant tail feather development and the other has zero tail feathers. We specifically paid to have them sexed because we have two small kids who are growing attached to them. They’re family pets for our small backyard flock. I’m hoping they’re both female. What are your thoughts? I’ve read tail sexing is pretty accurate when dealing with the same breeds.

Chick #1 tail feathers. Quite obvious.

Chick #2 no tail feathers- same breed- same hatch and shipment date.
Ok, thank you both! I thought the difference between them might be an early indication. we’re not allowed to have roosters in our city so we’d have to give up any that were incorrectly sexed. Would be easier with the kids at two weeks than two months but it sounds like the only way to know is with time.
Well if they have been sexed, your chances are around 90% that they are female. Pretty good odds, I would say. 😊

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