Sexing leghorns by combs..


11 Years
Aug 19, 2008
I hatched 32. They are 4 weeks old today. All 6 hens (their moms) and the rooster have HUGE combs. 3 of the chicks have insanely huge combs and 5 or 6 more have spikier combs and all the other comb's are really small. I can't be that lucky, over 2/3s pullets.. Can I???? I want to sell them and not sure how. Just sell them straight run? 5 bux to high you think? I put alot of time and effort on these little dudes. Thanks!
Well thats my question.... Does anyone know if you can sex them by their combs this young. There is such a difference. I'd just soon keep the boys myself. But I don't think $5 is too much for healthy 4 week old pullet, when you have to pay $2.50 for a day old from a hatchery.
Your price would depend on the Color of Leghorn you have. White ones are cheaper than other color because they are more common. Your area would also put and impact, and also do others in your area sell this breed of chicken. If they are well breed will also have an effect on future sales. I don't know if the comb is a good way to sex or not, I have no experience with this breed. If you plan on selling them all it would be best just to sell as St. Run unless you are at least 90% sure they are the right sex, but still then tell the people that it is only 90% so they won't think that you fooled them.
In my experience with Trader Joe's White Leghorns, there is absolutely no mistaking the baby roosters from the pullets at that age. There may be some differences amongst the pullets, but you definitely know who's a rooster and who's not.

That reminds me...I need to get down to Trader Joe's and check out those eggs...
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