Sexing my 3 Silkies


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Apr 20, 2020
Hello All,

It's been too long. I apologize for going M.I.A. The last few weeks have been very emotionally for me ob many levels. But Spending time with my 3 silkies each day has been highlight of days. The last thread I did was my welcome thread. Now my 3 silkies chicks are between 7-8 weeks old. I am hoping someone can help me sex them. Sadly I won't be able to keep any roosters. But want to make sure that if any of them are roos, that they get a good new home. I tried to take pics of them as they were doing they free roam time.

As for behavior, Nag Champa, is the most curious and out going. Likes to perch and roost alot. And I can see changes to Nag Champa's crest. Pigeon Toady seems to be the oldest, with more adult feathers. Tic-Tac is always the first one to go in for bed before the others, and Nag Champa always has to keep going out to get Pigeon Toady to stop roaming and come inside. Which also seems like maybe a roo behavior? But also Pigeon Toady acts kind of more clueless. Any help with sexing them would be greatly appreciated. I hope the pics are clear enough


Nag Champa ( Silkie 1) Tic-Tac ( Silkie 2)

Pigeon Toady (Silkie 3)

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