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May 23, 2012
This is a question just out of curiosity, not desperation. I am new to chicken keeping and enjoying the learning process. However, being a person who likes to plan ahead, I am trying to determine if I may have a rooster on my hands.

2 1/2 weeks ago I got three chicks at my local tractor supply. A that time they were all the same size, color, etc. Pretty much identical in every way. Now one of them is significantly bigger than the other two. It is more than twice the size of the smallest one. It also has more feathers, which are slightly darker than the other two.

The main thing that got me thinking it might be a rooster is that this bird kind of herds the other two. It will charge at them sometimes, though not attack them. And if they start wandering around in different directions, it will chase back and forth between them like it is trying to keep them in a group.

I keep them in a tank with a heat lamp for the time being, but I have started taking them out once a day to let them spread their wings and explore in a backroom of my house. I sit in there with them to get them used to me being around. I talk to them and touch them, just generally trying to get them to be comfortable with my presence. Anyway... i was sitting in the floor with my feet crossed and the baby bird hopped up on my shoe. As soon as she was higher up in the air than the big one, it ran over and knocked her off my foot. I had also noted that the big one genrally runs away when I try to pick it up, but if I pick the baby up first the big one will come over and stand there and allow me to scoop it up. Like it knows the only way to get up where the baby is, is to allow me to hold it.

I can post a pic later today if that would be helpful. But I am just wondering, based on actions alone, does this sound like a rooster? Or do hens act this way too?

You may or may not have a cockerel. Young pullets act as you have described as well as cockerels.
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