Sexing orpingtons

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Sep 29, 2019
I hatched out 6 lavender orpingtons. I tried to vent sex them and thought I had 4 pullets and 2 cockerels. Now they are 3 weeks old and I’m thinking 3 might be cockerels. What are some signs I can start looking for? 3 of them have developed tail feathers much sooner.
My 4 Buff Orpington girls developed longer, fluffier tail feathers quicker, and grew faster. The 2 boys still, at 5.5 weeks, have shorter tails and their bodies are smaller.
Can you post some pictures? I hatched 2 BO 9 wks ago. For a good few weeks now the cockrel has had much larger and redder comb. Now he is 9 weeks old his tail feathers are a lot longer and starting to curve downwards. He's also bigger than the BO pullet.
Here are some photos! They are 4.5 weeks old. 6 total... I’m thinking only 3 are pullets. 6D48F5C8-272F-41FA-91C0-414DDA6FCE80.jpeg 33499AC8-0099-4C2F-9C84-26E225B9679E.jpeg A38269A6-A216-4F52-ACCB-3076143CA0DB.jpeg

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