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    Can hens have long, droopy snoods like toms? I have 2 black Spanish that I was fairly confident were both female. So confident, that I picked up a tom to go with them when we lost ours to the neighbors dogs (not the neighbors fault, our turkeys took a field trip across our 14 acre field and flew over the fence into their yard). Anyway, over the last 2 weeks, one of our "girls" has had a serious growth spurt and while tending them today I observed "her" strutting and thumping with snood hanging low. Normally while this bird is tooling around the yard, it's snood stays drawn up, and while its not huge, its obviously bigger than the others. It also has less feathering on its neck than the other BS. The jake we lost was very obvious pretty early on, so this one kind of has me stumped. If she were, in fact, a male, I'd be very pleased since the only male we could find was a Narangesette (sp?). I don't particularly care for him, he's a bit of a jerk to my other fowl, turkey and chickens included, though he isn't aggressive towards us. I wouldn't mind inviting him to dinner one night.

    I can take and upload pictures of the bird in question if needed. Thanks so much!

    Edited to add: the black Spanish are about 7 months or so old. I can't remember exactly when we got them, but that estimate may be a bit on the low side.
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    No Hens don't tend to have long snood hanging from the beak nor do they strut like a tom. It's a surefire way to tell that your "hen" is most likely a tom.
  3. can you give me a couple pics please?
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    Pics would be extremely helpful [​IMG]

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