SFH vs Icelandics: Egg Color?

Uff Da

Apr 27, 2019
Can anyone tell me if there is a distinct difference between the color of SFH eggs and Icelandic eggs? I know Icelandics have white to pale beige eggs, and I see SFH eggs described as cream to tan. I'm wondering about being able to distinguish the eggs laid in a mixed flock.
I have not had either breed, not sure what SFH is, but different hens of the same breed can lay different shades of eggs regardless of what those breed charts say. I've had Speckled Sussex lay different shades of brown. They are brown, like they are supposed to be, but some are darker than others. I could not tell whether an egg was laid by a Speckled Sussex, Black Australorp, or Buff Orp by shell color until I got to know what my individual hens were laying.

The other part of that is that typically the longer you go into the egg laying cycle the lighter the shade of brown is. The darkest egg a hen or pullet lays is usually the first. There are different reasons for that. A hen only makes a certain amount of "tint". With pullets especially the longer she lays the larger the egg gets so that tint gets thinned out over the larger shell. Mature hens' eggs get lighter throughout the laying cycle too. It's like some material (maybe a catalyst instead of something used to make the tint) gradually gets used up. When she molts and stops laying that gets replenished. I've had light brown egg laying hens lay an almost white egg just before the molt.

It is quite possible you will be able to tell the difference, I'm not sure. But you will need to get to know your hens to be sure.
I haven't had them either but they both lay white eggs. If the shades range like you say, it may be some time before you are able to tell the difference at all. Besides color, size and shape may vary. Putting food coloring in the vent may be the best way other than having separate pens and nests for each breed.

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