Shackleton & Endora [PIC]

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    To recap, my incubator project went awry when a circuit box meltdown required us to shutdown electricity for a night –my Muscovy and chicken eggs had only 3 days to go! In the aftermath, rather than scrap the project I boxed up the cold but hopeful bator and sped to my office 30 miles away. There were casualties….there were pot holes! [​IMG] For two days following, the eggs endured flailing conditions in a dry, air conditioned office for which the incubator was not regulated.

    More casualties followed. One died soon after pipping thru a dark bruise that had strangely developed on the egg. There was a sudden, peeping, and bloody explosion. We watched helpless as it continued to hemorrhage and peeped not again. Another hatched completely, but died shortly after. I have no idea why.

    By weekend, two late comers, one just pipping, had another cold and harrowing return trip home. (The bator had to be gone by Monday). I tried to drive fast enough to avoid another wave of cold without excess heaving and thrashing. Miraculously, despite frigid temp swings and two perilous voyages, we had these survivors. It took 48 hours for that duckling to hatch, and the chick was a full 2 days late. Given their stormy journey to life - we think they’re aptly named.


    For those of you who enjoy the mystery chick challenge, that’s my coveted Silkycross sired by a Blue Silky, but I'm not sure who is mom. Limited possibilities include: Buff O; Jersey Giant, Blue/Splash Wyandotte, Delaware or Partridge Rock. You can see a lot of the Blue Silky in her, but I’m curious what you make of those red/rusty cheek tufts? Partridge Rock?


    Whatever she is (please be a she), we think she’s just “Endorable!”
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    wow what a story! they are adorable!
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    What cuties! Congratulations! You did not give up.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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