Shamo X Old English Game Bantam chick?!

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8 Years
May 31, 2011
Of all my little chicks to hatch on the 3rd one of them is just so tiny I had to take (her?) Separate from the rest and I've babied it to pieces. It needed help out and was a bit weak so I was scared it would be trampled and it stayed in the incubator an extra day (despite having originated UNDER my broody…) but anyways to the breed.

I got them from a friend with a dozen or so different breeds of all sizes, and now I'm trying to formulate what my little chick is. I know it's daddy is most likely one of my friend's huge shame roosters and the egg it hatched out of was nearly white and very small. I never thought the egg would hatch *shrugs* I stuck it under my hen thinking it would stop growing in the early stages because of how filthy it was before i cleaned it.

But it is out and since I get to pick one of my chicks to keep …everyone else goes to another friend when they are older
can't have too many city chickens, but my friends are building their flocks so it's all good…

I was looking up the two breeds separately and they do seem to have similar tall and long body shapes but the shamo is sooooo huge and the little OEG bantam so tiny… Anyways the chick is darkish chipmunky in color, very pale yellowish legs, has a pea comb, and a stature half the size of my other chicks that hatched from from medium sized eggs. The egg color it hatched out of was almost white, maybe creamish, it stuck out from the other brown eggs, was a little long and was similar in lightness to the two EE green eggs. Aren't OEGB eggs brown? I read it somewhere I've never had that type of chicken before. I'll get a pic as soon as she stops sleeping in my neck lol.

Also from people who know about the breeds, i know both birds are descendant from fighting birds but I also heard their temperaments towards humans if babied is very tame? I hope so. My little EE hen is a real character, if she wasn't babied to death she would have probably been wild and mean. (she did have a mean phase when she was a teenager XD but don't all teenagers? Wow. Dissed myself. ANYWAYS….) I could use a friendly yard mate friend for her haha.
Thanks! I was looking for info and it was wrong. Yup I'm betting that's what I got then. So glad I didn't toss the egg before incubation now haha. Such a cute little chick.

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