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If you have a rumpless chicken, please feel free to share it here. It doesn't matter if it is a purebred, an Araucana, or a barnyard mix. Post photos of them all! Also post concerns, questions, health issues related to being rumpless, etc.

I've looked all over the forum and have not been able to find a rumpless thread. I hope we can enjoy share our birds together!

This is Esperanza, my rumpless Olive-egger. She is 3/4 black copper Marans and 1/4 Ameraucana. All of her sisters have tails, but she was hatched without one.

Esperanza is 8 months old but has not laid an egg yet. The rooster shows interest in her, but so far she's content just hanging out with the gang. She is also the most friendly bird and loves to be carried around the yard. It isn't uncommon for her to fall asleep in my arms.
What exactly is rumpless? Just lack of tail feathers?

In some cases the birds lack a tail. In others, they lack a tailbone. Some breeds are developed to be rumpless, while other birds end up with mutations that cause them to not have a tail.

From what I have read, Black Copper Marans have a fair number of chicks hatching with random rumplessness.

I got this this from another forum:
Dominant Rumplessness Rp - No coccyx (tail vertebra), reduces fertility.
Recessive Rumplessness rp+ Wild-type gene. Recessive. Lack of dominant rumplessness. Fowls usually have tails
Recessive Rumplessness rp-2 A skeletal mutation commonly called "roachback"
Accidental Rumplessness - Lacks Pygostyle/tailbone, not genetic or inherited.

A good website resource.
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Ok, then just out of curiosity here...Is your hen infertile? Do you think she'll ever lay an egg even? I'm surprised I've been cruising this site for over a year and I have never seen or heard of a rumpless chicken until this day. She sure is cute by the way :)
There are breeds of chickens that are supposed to be rumpless according to breed SOP. The most popular breed is the Araucana. They have a website that explains breed standards and accepted colors.
There are different breed standards in different countries. I believe in the U.S. birds should be rumpless, but in the UK it is acceptable if they have tails.

Here is a photo from of an Araucana showbird.
Not sure if anyone still reads this thread, but here is a picture of 2 of my Russian Orloffs. I'm pretty sure one is going to be rumpless. (Baseball on the right.)

So cute! How did you end up with a Rumpless Orlorff?

I hatched a Rumpless chick a couple of weeks ago. I don't need another pullet, but I'm keeping her! LOL I'll try to remember to post a pic later.

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