Sharing a broody!!!! Would you do it????

bald k9

10 Years
Sep 5, 2009
Rural Edwardsville
What do you all think about having a certain place to poston here when your hen has gone broody,and let another byc,er[close by] to use your hen to hatch their eggs? or post they are looking for a broody for their eggs, etc, would you do it, of course have rules before you do it , as in must take all hatched chicks boys and girls, not get mad or upset if some dont hatch etc!!! What do you think!!!!
Because I would love to buy some fertile eggs of my favorite breeds, but not to great with an incubator, so I would let someones broody hatch them out and them offer them a chick or two!
I'd do it to keep from having to break a broody. And goodness knows, I don't need more chicks this year.
Oh when I get my chicks and their big enough to go broody I'm sooooo IN! I just love their little "cheeps" such a sweet noise and since I want a BO she'll more than likely get broody!

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