Sharing my OCD Forms


6 Years
May 23, 2013
Vacation Land; Maine
I was showing off my forms I got around to making the other day and many people were interested in using them. I have no problem with that at all. I figured I would show you how I use them and then offer blanks for you all as images if you wanted to use them as well. Having a small flock, I combined the elements of several spreadsheets I had seen to meet my needs. Here are an example of mine filled out:

A tally of who laid what and what any expenses there may have been. Many charts have this, but I added sections for other information like who I sold or gave eggs to, if anyone is molting, and space to write things like adding of birds or culling.

A short biography of each of my birds. It includes when they were hatched, where I got them and when I got the first egg. The graph lets me track production on a month-to-month basis. I also included and area to track odd eggs and medical issues. My favorite part is the picture of bird and egg. I know my birds, but now others will know who is who and who laid what.​

Anyways, here are blanks of the forms if you are interested in using them. They are on here as images since I can't do attachments. Simply click to enlarge the picture, save to your computer and then print using "scale to fit page" setting. Hope you all enjoy!
Nice! I am not as good... I just keep notes in my Outlook calendar. Things the first day of symptoms of an illness, first day of starting meds, last day of meds, etc. I also keep track of first eggs laid and by who, when I got each chicken, deaths, births, etc. But not NEARLY as thorough as your system. I may reconsider and try your approach. I wish you could post the .xls files directly but I can't think of a way for you to do it easily either.

Much thanks for the ideas,

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