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Jun 6, 2010
Coleman, Wi
I don't know if this is where I should post this, but here goes.
I was wondering if there's anyone from N.E. Wis that could tell me where I can get some shavings for bedding for my coop, at a reasonable price. I can go to TSC and get enough for the brooder but I think it would be pretty expensive to buy enough for the coop.
Anyone else can chime in, it's just that it would be closer to home so no shipping costs.
The shavings expand *a whole lot* when you open the bag, and at least anywhere I've lived, you're not going to get baled shavings much cheaper than at TSC. (Though personally I'd much rather buy them from the local feedstore even if they are thirty cents more per bag)

Really, for an 8x8 coop it will only take 1-3 bags to fully bed the coop (depending on how deep you want the shavings), and smart management will cut down on the rate at which you go thru shavings in the future.

You can sometimes save as much as a dollar a bag if you buy a whole or half tractor-trailer load but this is more relevant for horse barns than backyard chicken owners; if you have ample indoor or sheltered storage area AND a pickup truck, you can also investigate whether there mgiht be a mill in your area that sells them by the truck load, but be aware that these are usually not NEARLY as good shavings for bedding, generally quite dusty, and if you have a small coop you'd really be better off with bagged shavings in most cases.

Good luck, have fun,

TSC was 2 bags for 5 bucks.My 8x12 coop took 1 1/2 bags to fill up nicely. When I go thru both bags, and I am going to change the game plan though. I was going to do sand, ( easier to pick up poop with litter scoop),but when I went to fill my coop there was rain prior and I know better than to put wet stuff in the coop. BUT!. My neighbor showed me a mill and said he wanted me to see what they had that may be better. They have mountains of whats almost saw dust, kinda like the old butcher shop used back in the day. It will be real litter scooper friendly, and 5 bucks a pick up load. And all they cut is hardwood. I love the shavings, but when I cull the poop on the floor, it is tough to get up with the scooper, and I waste alot of shavings. The shavings are good for the compost pile, and thats where they go, but I am going to try the sawdust thing I think. That being said, for shaving, TSC is hard to beat. It goes a long way.

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