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    Mouse, our Bantam Cochin/Silkie mix had gone broody 10 days ago and I had already planned on getting Crested Polish chicks so it was perfect timing.

    I picked them up yesterday and allowed them to settled in before I did anything. Mouse's cage was next to theirs so she saw them. When I had first set them in, she started making a ruckus about it and kept checking the dud eggs underneath herself.

    A little bit ago I put her in the cage with them and she immediately started clucking at them that she had food. It took them a few seconds to realize what she was doing but they're now going nuts over getting whatever she picks up for them.

    I plan on keeping an eye on them a bit longer just to be sure.

    IMG_20190517_134225.jpg IMG_20190517_134226.jpg IMG_20190517_134228.jpg
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    So sweet, congratulations!

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