She broody!! Now what?


8 Years
Jul 8, 2011
Corner Alabama
My silkie is finally officially broody now!! I think!! Haha! She has been on the nest since yesterday! She is sitting on golfballs! So I want her to hatch some eggs for me! How do I put them under her? And how many large eggs can she have? She isn't mean to me when I touch her though!! She just sits there! I have only seen her off of the nest one time! But it was only for a drink of water then she was right back!! How offen do they get off? Man I am so excited!!
Too cute. Should be easy. I just pick mine up, replace with the eggs I want her to sit on, and put her back. I've never had a problem.. especially with a silkie.. lol. Have fun!
I bet she could hold around 6 LF eggs. Maybe even more bantam eggs.

At night time when she is on the nest, take away the golf balls, and replace them with the real eggs you want her to hatch.
Good luck! Keep us updated!

~ Aspen
Oh it's so exciting. My Silkie Lulu is broody too so i bought her some fertile eggs last night. She has hatched two lots before...12 a time were put under her but the first time only 7 hatched and the second time only 5 hatched (they were all bantam eggs).

I bought 12 eggs again last night so I'm thinking now I should have gotten less because maybe she can't quite manage that many. We will have too wait and see because I've gone and done it now!

She sort of goes into a trance when she's in brood mode so I just wait until night time and gently shove the eggs under her or pick her up and slide them under. She wriggles around and clucks a bit and pokes them into comfy positions with her beak and then I leave her to it. Well sort of...I can't help but 'check' progress every day or so....not that there's anything to see. When she hatched her first clutch, one of the eggs that wasn't right broke and almost drowned the others so I check regularly that everything's ok.

There's nothing like that exciting feeling when she hops of her eggs for a snack when you see the eggs wobbling for the first time...and then about 24 hours before they hatch you can hear them peeping. My husband and I act like expectant parents and Lulu is just so proud. This is the best hobby ever and once you've let her hatch one lot you won't be able to stop yourself, you'll see!!
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