She didn't make it

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    Aug 23, 2009
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    Our BSL hen with the mystery illness didn't make it. She died in her sleep in a cat carrier. She got sick like 3 days ago, but the 1st day was just slower and still foraging and the second day still foraging. I feel very guilty because I know in my heart that I waited too long to start intervention and support. I should have taken her in on the first day when I suspectded something instead of waiting for more "confrmation" that something was wrong. I brought her in yesterday morning, gave her Tylan 50, some broth (she took 1ml) and scrammbled egg (she refused it, even when placed in her beak). She drank a little water, and I was hopeful that with the Tylan and some rest she would pull through. Her eyes were still bright.

    Just a caution to everyone else, AS SOON as you suspect something is off with one of your chickens, take action. Don't be stupid like I was and wait to see if something is really wrong. It may save your chicken, and it will save you guilt if you know you really did everything.
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    [​IMG] sorry for your loss
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    Sorry she didn't make it...I made the same mistake with my comet hen! I knew she was looking lethargic and I should have brought her in. Last winter she got like that and I did bring her in and she bounced right back. But try and not feel guilty, some animals are more stoic than others and it's hard to tell when they are really hurting or sick. Threehorses had a good comment on another thread, that their systems are small and sickness can take them over quickly. Feel better soon!

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