She got into my garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by MrsH527, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. MrsH527

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    Mar 4, 2013
    AGH!!!! I've been working so hard to get my seeds (many different types) to grow and they finally were big enough to put into the new garden I made. I was so excited because the hubby and I spent all day Saturday getting the final touches done and getting the seedlings planted. They were all so happy in their new home until Tuesday...

    My husband calls me at work sounding like he's gonna cry (he's sensitive). He tells me that our puppy (1.5 years old) has gotten into the garden and it's bad. I hurried home at lunch to assess the damage and he was's bad. She jumped the gate (and crushed it) when playing tag with the other 2 dogs. Once she was in there and she saw the freshly dug dirt, it was over! She went to town on my beds. Killed most of my lettuce, broccoli and some of my cauliflower and yellow squash. I was so upset! If that wasn't enough though, as my hubby and I are talking about ways to secure the garden a little more, I look over and my 100 lb bulldog has also "stepped over" the gate (yes he's that big) and has chosen the sunniest spot to lay down. This spot happened to be on top of the remaining squash, bean and peas. I caught him in time though and think I may have been able to save those guys.

    luckily I'm a planner and had planted a ton of extra seeds just in case. I had just enough of everything to replant the ones I lost and I won't have a lapse in producing time. Still not happy about it! Guess it's back to the drawing board with this fence of ours...

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    I can imagine that must've been frustrating. Luckily you have some back-up seedlings!
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    Mar 13, 2013
    Hot Dang That is so Annoying!!!!!!!

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