she is back to laying but not consistant

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    Aug 4, 2013
    My hen took a hiatous on laying eggs but a few days ago we got one.. she seems to only lay at night because we checked on her in the morning and there is nothing but about 8pm she has one in the box.

    Is this normal for her to lay at night? I have a cousin that says all her birds lay in the morning?

    Just trying to get a bit more light on the egg laying pattern.
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    I am relaying what I've read...and,
    I read it online, so it may or may not
    be accurate...

    1. Hens don't necessarily lay every

    2. it takes about 25 or 26 hours
    to produce an, they will
    be laid at different times..

    Chickens molt and, when they
    are molting, they do not seem to
    lay eggs
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  3. Mine have laid eggs at all hours of the day, from 7am to 8pm. Now that they've gotten into the swing of things better, they usually lay before 6pm. I notice if they lay at 3pm one day it will be around 5pm or so the next and the following day after that they usually skip, then laying the next morning fairly early.

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