She just wont quit!

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    Jan 13, 2011
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    I have a hen that has constantly been sitting on eggs and just wont give up nesting! The other day she finally got up and moved to another nesting box and started brooding again. We found "ten" eggs underneath her that had to be thrown out. She has repeated this on 3 separate occaisions but never ten eggs. She will lay several eggs and sit on them for 10 or 15 days and then move to another nesting box abandoning the eggs and starting the process all over again. The consequence is we have to keep tossing the eggs. I dont even think she has been off the nest long enough for George our rooster to fertilize or mate with her. I dont know what to do? I am hoping if I collect the eggs from her daily, she will give up on her broodiness for a while and wait until spring. Has anyone of you breeders out there ever experienced this problem?
  2. Lock her out of the coop all day then at night put her in,a nd in the morning lock her out again. That's what I do!
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    Take the eggs from her. Or stick and ice cube under her. If she is really serious about it, put her in a large dog crate or seperate pen with food and water. I've broken several broodies this way. Hope this helps!

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