She must be broody...


11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
My frizzle hen has been sitting in a box for what seems like forever now. everytime i go out there, there she is, in that same box, even with one of the silkies sometimes. I have had to take the eggs out everyday up until a few days ago, because they were on sulmet a while back. Today i felt bad because ive been taking all her eggs, So...i grabbed a fresh egg from the layer's coop & took it out to her coop...picked up the other 3 banty eggs in the coop & handed all 4 of em to her.....she happily (while 'growling' still) shuffled them right up under herself, even the big oddball egg...that was her first choice, lol. She's been super busy since i got her, laying almost an egg a day, there's already 3 (obvious) sizzles in the brooder. At least she'll finally have some babies to raise now


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