she won't leave her nesting box!

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Aug 7, 2010
one of my chickens has been in her nesting box all day. She already laid her egg for the day and usually she goes out with the rest of the chickens into the yard. i had two fake eggs in the nesting box so that they would lay in there and i just took them out today. could that be why? is she trying to hatch them? they're not in there anymore, and she still is in there. im worried something is wrong.
Nothings wrong.
It seems that you have an extremely broody chicken on your hands. she's still trying to hatch those eggs. is she eating? it's ok if you don't see her eating, she's probably eating when you're not there. you may (although i would advise against it while you can do something else) have to "break her up" aka: make her 'un-broody' by moving her off the nest or making sure that she can't get to it.
here are some helpful links:
good luck!
Thank you! Everything mentioned sounds like exactly what she's doing! I think I'm going to try and put her in another cage tonight!
I've had two broodies. I did not "break" them with the cage. As I did not need her eggs every day or so, I let mother nature take it's course. I would pick her up and set her outside when I let the other girls out to free range. She would sit a few seconds in the grass, then run off to join the others. Of course, she would soon end up back in the nest box, but she had some exercise and fresh grass before she returned!
In a few weeks, your girl should be back to normal.

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