Shed conversion


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
I have a 2 year old Rubbermaid plastic shed. It is 10x8 with a solid floor and I think we can easily cut chicken access doors in the side. We are also going to add vents along the roof line for air circulation. I was thinking this would be perfect for cleanliness and upkeep. It has great shelving areas to make the nesting areas... I am not sure where to start or if the fact that it is a plastic shed will be too warm cold ect.. we are new at this. So please any suggestions are very welcome!!

I have 7x7 plastic Rubbermaid shed. My chicks and ducks has been using it for approx 3 seasons now. At first, I also thought it would get too cold during winter so at first I added hay then to wood shaving and 1 heated lamp. So far so good but must say add as much as ventilation as you possibly can. Then I took the heated lamp away and they survived. Cleaning is pretty easy especially during summer. I put very light coat of wood shavings and when time to clean, I would hose it away. Good luck
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