Sheep and Goats


7 Years
Mar 13, 2013
We've got an acre or so of pasture that is currently set up for horses. It's got really nice four rail vinyl fence. We would love horses some day, but will "work our way up" to that level. We are considering goats and/or sheep to get us started. The purpose would be for pets and to keep the grass in the pasture down.

I'm looking for some helpful tips and preference on goats vs. sheep. I realize my current fence is not set up for either so are there suggestions on how to make this possible without breaking the bank?
My personal preference is goats. I've spent enough time with sheep to want to avoid them...Goats are smarter and more personable. They can be milked or butchered, and they are great fun as pets. You can even train them to walk on a leash and do obstacle courses and things like that.
For your fencing, I would recommend getting some no-climb or similar fencing to line the inside. You can leave the vinyl up and just use the posts you already have.

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