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    Anyone know the feeding ratio for how many bales of hay per head of sheep for the winter, typically. Plan to get a ewe next spring, if possible, and want to plan for next winters feed bill. Also, the ratio for head per acre of pasture?

    I will be getting a "hair" breed, if that makes a difference.
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    Jun 5, 2008
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    The stocking ratio for hair sheep in my part of oklahoma is 5 per acre. That will change depending on your area and your particular pasture. I really cant help you as far as bales of hay per sheep. My flock of 12 hair sheep last year with *no* pasture ate a round bale of hay every 3 weeks..but they wasted at least half of that sleeping in it.
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    Thanks, Summer! I planned on having one ewe on an acre+ and was concerned it wouldn't be enough. I will be feeding square bales from a hay net, so hope to avoid the waste. Questions: Do sheep like apples? Garden produce?
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    Yes, sheep love apples and produce, just no rapid diet changes as with any ruminant.
    You will not be able to avoid wasted hay with sheep. Buy the highest quality hay you can afford/find and they will be willing to eat more of it, but they are picky.
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    Well, I have an orchard of 13-16 trees, so the apples are like a carpet on that pasture! Hope she doesn't get a belly ache! I just hope she isn't mean to my dogs..... [​IMG] [​IMG]

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