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  1. So, my kittens are nearing 7 weeks old and today I had a woman come out who has passed my application process and moved on to the stage of coming out to meet the kitten she has applied for.

    She lives in an area of my state that is known for being BAD, like all tenent houses, a real ghetto like area in some parts, high crime, etc. She's a late 60's lady that I've been talking to on the phone and by e-mail for about a week now going through the process with her.

    She was due at my home between 12:30 and 12:45pm. I had spent the morning finishing up decorating my fireplace mantles with pine greenery and making the dining room and living room nice and pretty.
    So I'm in the front part of the house watching the road for the look of someone unfamiliar approaching. I knew that she was bringing a friend with her because she was nervous about driving out into the sticks and getting lost.
    At 12:30 on the button I see a car drive past my house and slow WAY down, stop, back up, drive past again, stop, back up and then finally swing into my driveway. Then I noticed a man step out of the car, a uniformed man.
    At about the point of the second back up my husband started out the door to tell them they were indeed in the right place. Man was he surprised to run into the Captain of Coventry Police in my driveway! [​IMG]

    Apparently the woman in her nervousness, called the STATE police and said that she was worried about the possibility of being taken by an internet scam or baited out into the woods and "becoming a statisic" [​IMG] She said she had never adopted an animal off of the internet (my ad was on craigslist) and that she had never been to my area before and was scared.
    So, they told her that they would connect her to the Coventry police. Who then laughed and told her that she was probably over-reacting but that the Captain lives on my road and would be going on lunch break soon so he would stop in.
    Well he certainly did stop in, and he was such a nice guy, he just wanted to see the kittens and play with them for a few minutes. We all had a good laugh about the city lady in a high crime area being afraid for her safety to come out to a farm. It's a good thing my husband and I have a very good sense of humor.
    She did show up by the way, about 20 minutes after the Captain left, and she is a nice lady who will give the kitten a good home. And she says to me "Well at least you know by me calling the police that I'm a good person!" [​IMG]

    What a world we live in today!
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    Well...with the news I have been hearing lately and especially my experience with Craig's list, I can honestly say I don't blame her for be cautious. I think calling the State Police might of been a little overboard, but in these times with internet can never be too careful!

    Glad to hear it all worked out and that you are careful on who you give your kittens to. Sounds like one of them will have a very loving home!
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    I kinda feel sorry for her. How sad that she was scared. I guess I understand her logic though.
    I'm glad you gave her kitten! [​IMG]
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    Yeah, it's sad she was scared, but with the way things are, it's better safe than sorry. Had you been someone with a bad heart, things could have been on the news. I don't do craigslist to home anymore, or go to others alone. Wonderful you found a good home for the kitty!
  5. Quote:It is sad that she had to feel that bad about it, and more interesting, I must have talked to her about 4-5 times just this morning and she never mentioned to me that she was nervous or I would have tried to reassure her somehow. But I guess if you thought someone might be a nasty person you're not going to go telling them that huh?

    I have had very good experiences with craigslist personally but I am also very internet savy and I can smell a scam a mile away. I'm careful.

    I am very careful about who my animals go to. My husband and I adopt out about 4-6 per year that we take in and fix up and then adopt out. We really try to get a feel for who we adopt to and go with gut feelings on people. We're pretty easy going though too and we've never done any of that stuff with denying people for having moles in their yard or anything [​IMG]
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    hmmmmmmm ,,, people that call the cops on me,,, usually dont come visiting right after [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Isn't that sad that she felt so scared? She must have wanted that kitty pretty badly! I'm sure, after going through all that trouble, she will give that baby an excellent home!!
  8. Well when I came around the corner to my door and was walking out to see who it was and I nearly ran right into the guy I was very taken aback! Now I have NASTY neighbors who have called the cops, child services, animal control, the building inspectors, etc. etc. so as first I was like "Oh here we go again!" but he was cool.
    He didn't even ask why my kids weren't at school and that's usually the first thing every stranger asks if they come over on a week day. He must have stayed for over 20 minutes, held all the kittens, talked to my kids, my husband, me. It's actually really nice to know that he lives right on our road.
  9. Quote:Oh she really did. She lost her cat of 18 years about a year and a half ago and she's just now feeling ready to have another cat. So yeah I have liked her all along and have good feelings about her.
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    HA! The cop wanted an excuse to stop and play with the kittens [​IMG]

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