Shelf style brooder for CX's


Mar 28, 2020
Before I get my next batch of CX's, probably mid-August, I'd like to revisit my means of brooding. In the past I've just used the floor of my garden shed and I can fit about 70 birds in there until 3 weeks of age. Them they go into tractors. Typically I've only done birds in early spring so at that point I'm not using the garden shed as much. This year, because of demand from other family members and my growing kids, I'm going to need to do another batch of birds late summer. I'm considering building a shelf style brooder and was wondering if anybody had any tips.

I have a seemingly endless supply of these racks that the material for my business comes on. They measure 12 ft² so I was thinking that if I put three shelves total that it would give me enough room for about 70 birds. I'd use expanded steel mesh for the chicks to actually be on and slide out shelves under the mesh to collect the droppings. I'd use automatic waters and feeders which is similar to how I currently do my feeding and watering anyway.

I'm not really finding a whole lot of information on the interwebs about design and construction of something like this so I was wondering if anybody here had any pointers.



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Mar 5, 2020
I don't see why that wouldn't work. If you have a welder you can put something together really cheap. Or use those self-tapping screws to hold things up and together, might even be easier and faster. Maybe wheels underneath for easy moving if you want or need to. The possibilities are endless and depend on what you have laying around. Good luck and fun putting it together.


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May 6, 2020
Ontario, Canada
You could easily just build a frame using 2x4 and self tapings screws right into the metal as Tornik suggested. Then frame the boxes in on bottom, back and sides. You'll have to figure out how much height you need for the light and space the boxes accordingly. I'd make the front side open for access. I'd say two brooders per rack would workout

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