shell-less egg


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11 Years
Nov 21, 2008
Plain City, UT
Ok, my girls have their choice of recycled eggs shells every time we eat eggs-almost daily, and oyster shell free choice. But I still have one chicken that lays eggs with no shell. There is a full size egg, with membrane around it, but no shell. What is going on with her and how do I fix it?
you do not say how old she is or how long she has been laying. young pullets generally have to warm up their plumbing before it all works correctly. wish i had a egg to call my own, its been a cold snowy dark winter here. still wating on my 19 week barred rocks to lay. all the signs, no egg yet.
I hav silkie doing the same. I thought it was a faze and she woiuld outgrow it but shes a lil over a year now and still doin it!
Probly not what you want to hear but Id like to know if its possible to fix to. I have oster shells free choice as well.

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