shell less eggs and misshapen eggs not laid in nesting box

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    Jun 12, 2014
    Our two Isa Browns, Thelma and Louise are our first layers. They started 8-1-14 and have had normal smaller eggs as is usual in the beginning, all laid in the nesting boxes in their coop. Yesterday my husband noticed Louise in the yard near a tree with from a distance what appeared to be an egg by her. I went down to look into this and sure enough it was an egg, but it had no shell and was rubbery. One of my Rhode Island Reds, Lucy, who follows me everywhere and is not laying yet, came up and took a peck into it. I discarded that egg, but am worried about Lucy pecking it and the fact that Louise laid a soft egg outside of the nesting box. This morning when I went to check for eggs and release them into their larger pen, I found a misshapen egg was laid, in the coop, but outside of the nesting box. Louise, the other Isa came up clucking and crouched for me when I petted her. What is suddenly going on with these eggs and why are they suddenly laying outside the nesting box?

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