8 Years
May 9, 2011
Savannah, Ga
This egg is from my little gals....they started laying this past week, but haven't got it all together yet... I'm assuming that they are either too young or not enough calcium.?
What do you quail experts think?
YES. ive had this problem before. i think u may just have to wait to see what happpens. If you still get eggs like this in a weeks time then there maybe a problem with the calcium or their diet in general. !
Hope this helps

It's pretty common when they first start to lay. Give them a bit of oyster grit or similar each day and it should go away fairly soon :) I even occasionally have an adult established layer give a shellless egg or two while all the other girls in her cage are laying fine and have plenty of calcium. They soon go back to normal.

well my Dad (a dyed in the wool Bird man) always says one lay does not a problem make. See if it is a one off issue before you go treating problems you may not have. He actually has a baudier saying not fit for mixed company but it gets the point home a little faster LOL
I'm glad I saw this before it happened to me. I guarantee that would have freaked me out!

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