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    Dec 11, 2010
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    I'm on Day 16, and am currently running the incubator dry because I have very large eggs left. Out of the entire dozen I got only 3 developing. Unfortunately they're huge eggs. Two have air cells that seem about right for Day 16, but the third egg has such a thick shell it does not seem to be reducing any faster. Will running the incubator dry for Day 17 be a problem for the other two? I don't know what level the humidity is at. My house is pretty tight and dry. About how much volume of the egg 'evaporates' if the incubator is run dry ? They're not at Day 18 air cell sizes yet, (between 14/18 according to this picture: I'm guessing since the air cell is still so small on the thick shelled one it's likely the chick will drown. :\\ I live in the Los Angeles region - it had been pouring rain for the past week but it's finally stopped.
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    I am in Cali too in the high desert. STOP FREAKING OUT!! K, that said, I think you are ok. Wait. Yes WAIT. Til lockdown to determine what eggs have to go. These things are alot more hearty than we humans give them credit for.

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