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Mar 17, 2011
One of my hens is laying these soft shelless eggs.Over the past 3 months or so I would occasionally find one in the nesting box or on the floor under their roosts.Now for the past month or so I find one almost every day.I am suspecting it's one of my barred rocks.Has anyone else seen this and is it a condition that can be cured?I provide them with oyster shells and layer feed plus veggies and what ever they eat when they are out and about in the yard.
If your hen is very "old" she may be loosing her ability to absorb nutrients. As a hen ages, I believe her shell making ability diminishes as well. (especially if she lays particularly large eggs.)

One of my BPRs had the same problem. Here's what I did, and now her shells are normal.

1. pulverize clean chicken egg shells in your food processor until they are like a powder
2. crush a small vitamin D3 pill until it is like a powder
3. mix the above with a good layer ration and a raw egg so the powder will stick to the crumbles or pellets.

Add 1 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the drinking water for each gallon of fresh water. Make sure that you are using a layer feed that has high calcium.

Not sure if the plan would work for your chicken, but within a few days my chicken was 'cured'. Good luck.
Chickcat, where do I get Vitaman D and why do I need it? What purpose is the vinegar serve?

Thanks Peggy
Hi Peggy,

First vinegar in the water helps to create the pH in the chicken's gut that assists it with digestion and absorption of nutrients. That's one reason, why, I think chickens are so fond of is usually more acidic in pH.

Second...I went to WalMart to the human vitamin section and got some vitamin D3. D3 has been found to help hens with their shells. They are fairly tiny pills and crush easily.

An alternative could be a chicken vitamin supplement -- TSC has them and prehaps feed stores, and online. I think nutri-drench is one brand name. -- It is added to the water It would seem that it would need to be alternated with vinegar. HTH.
Thank you So Much! I will try this, any advise is appreciated and I'm glad I'm not alone! I think I may consult with a veterinarian I know also and I will let you guys know what she says!
I have the same problem once in awhile with one of my RIR. All those things are exactly what I do and sometimes instead of the D3 you can use codliver oil for the vitamin D. Another thing I learned is watch the treats. My girl would rather eat veggies and seeds vs feed and then she lays the soft shelled eggs. You can also give them oyster shell, if they will eat it. Good luck!
So interesting. I will try the vinegar right away and check into the D3 at the drug store. We enjoy our chickens so much, we want them to be healthy. Thanks for your help. Peggy
im having the same problem with one of my hens - thin shell and no shell eggs for almost everyday for the past 3+ trying everything i can as suggested above and so far nothing has helped her - it is truly really sad.... hopefully, yours will do better!

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