She's An Old Girl and Still Laying!


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11 Years
Mar 16, 2008
I have Red Star or Red Star link I'm not sure of the breed. It's a cross between A Rhode Island and something else.
She just turned 9. She was raised with a RIR and a leghorn and they both died last year. Gabriel is still laying on a regular basis! She is laying at least 4-5 eggs a week and has been for sometime. I thought production drops after awhile? We have a a total of 11 hens that roam the backyard. 7 of the 11 are about 13 weeks old. The other three are silkies and they are 6 years old. Two of the three silkies are laying but maybe about 2 eggs a week.
I was wondering if anyone has an older chicken that is still laying. She's very healthy and energetic. Thanks!
That's great!, I have two 7 year old ex batts and one of them lays 2 eggs a week and the other lays one.
I have a 7 year old OEGB that lays around 1-2 eggs a week still, when she's not going broody. I have no roosters her size left, but that doesn't stop her from trying to squat in front of my LARGE wyandotte and marans roosters (she's terrified of the silkies however). She's still very energetic for an old lady!

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