She's been a good dog...


Free Ranging
Aug 27, 2020
Bergen County, NJ
What a beautiful story!

I also adopted a Husky mix. He was 2-3 years old, found tied to a fence and starving. He, too, had been at the shelter for months, and we took him home because he was the only dog that was more interested in us than in running around, sniffing for other dogs. He was horrible. He stole food from the kitchen counters, got out of his collar a couple times (and a harness once) to chase cars, and would bite legs if you tried to stop him.

My father always said the way to train a dog was to make him want to do what you asked, not force him to do it. So I fed him, even if he had just stolen our dinner. I learned his looks, whether he wanted water or to go out. I anticipated his car attacks, usually preceded by nonchalance. I actively endeavored to form a bond.

That dog was the best one I ever had. He was funny (he played a joke on me once), smart (he chose his own name, Gus), and loveable. I trusted him with my newborn, though by that time, he was old and full of cancer. I cried when he died, and memories of him still make me cry.

As I said in a previous post, good people make good dogs. Enjoy your new good dog, and somehow I think all your dogs will be good.

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