"Shhhhhh...Be Quiet"


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7 Years
Apr 24, 2012
New Hampshire
We discovered the secret to make the chicks completely quiet. First my daughter was downstairs whispering to herself about which soup she wanted and she whispered "penne" and she noticed the chicks immediately went deadly silent!! lol! So the next night when I was checking on them before bed, they were quite chatty, so I whispered "shhhhhh" real gently to them and they all froze and looked up at me with one eye and went deadly silent! Just thought it was funny so we should share! Anyone else notice this with their chicks?
My chicks will quiet down when I shhhhh them at bedtime, it's so cute how they look up at me and get real quiet. I wonder what it means to them
its like hushing a baby.i will visit right when they are going to roost.(they are 9 weeks old).when they first start to roost.they push and shove and knock each other off the roost.they have to find their spot on the roost board.i do find that is a good time to pick them up.while they do scream,thats when i shhhh them and they all get very quite.

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