Shipped many of yours hatched?


7 Years
Mar 30, 2012
SE Missouri
Settig my First eggs this morning and silly but i have butterflys.
Wonder if i can get ByC ppls hatch sucesses for shipped eggs.
Like to know what to expect
My eggs are Lavender Orpington eggs.Chickens i have been craving badly for weeks now (yeah i am Chicken addicted) so hope to get 2or3 from my 11 eggs.
I just had 7 out of 12 eggs hatch from shipped eggs. Last batch was just as good. Hoping the rest I've set are about the same. Good luck.

If you bought eggs from some of the reputable breeders on here, they know how to pack really well and you should have a good hatch. That's of course if you do everything correctly. So just don't freak out, relax a bit. Hatching is strictly by the book. I've broken a few "rules" most people say you are to follow and I've had no problems.
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Unfortunately my shipped egg success this year has been very poor - slow shipping, rattled and squashed boxes, all kinds of issues. Some batches I have made 50%, but some 0% this year. Very discouraging (and expensive), but there is really no other way to get superior genetics up here, as breeders are few and far between. My incubator is working fine, as each time I have added some local eggs which hatched well.
Thanks so much to all to take the time for me.
REALLY appreciate the input. so much!!
Good to know what to maybe expect and not be too naaive on what will happen.I had my eggs packed really well and the box was fine but it did take 4 days not 3 to get to me b/c of USPS. NOT my breeder.(saw the tracking info) Hope that doesnt hurt them.
I feel like a what do they call it..."helicopter" MOM

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