Shipped eggs on day 23- when to help?

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    I sat eggs in my incubator 23 days ago- some shipped (expensive) eggs and some from my own hens. ALL the eggs from my hens that made it to lockdown have hatched at least 48 hours ago. The 3 shipped eggs that made it to lockdown do not even have an external pip yet. I think 1 of the shipped eggs is dead, but the other two still have nice veining, however 1 does not move. The one that is moving appears to have internally pipped, but I cannot hear it chirp. I feel like I should help at this point (I have helped out chicks before, so I am familiar with the process), BUT I am afraid I will intervene too soon. Do shipped eggs take this much longer to hatch or are my chicks in danger? ANY advice is welcome, thanks.
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    If you havnt already I would give the link above a good read. It's excellent and has a section on what to do if most of your eggs have hatched but some still remain with no progress.

    I would candle and tap your remaining eggs to see if you can hear any chirping. If you can they have internally piped so you should be able to make a small pip hole to let oxygen in near the beak. All this is explained in the link above.

    Hatching shipped eggs is always a risk even if your incubation conditions have been optimum. The shipping process is really rough on eggs and many arrive with damaged or mishapen air cells or scrambled insides.

    Wishing you the very best of luck :fl
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    Hi!! Any changes yet?

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