Shipped eggs question and day eight candling question


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Feb 4, 2009
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So I got some splash cochins off ebay last week and they were sent out Tuesday priority mail(so 2-3 days) on one of the nicest weeks we have had so far! Of course the stinkin post office didnt deliver them until Monday and it was cold all weekend and freezing all day. I bought 10 she sent 12 and one was cracked and I am almost sure that they were frozen at some point. The eggs were extremely cold. I let them warm up to room temp and decided to candle them to see where the air sacks are and I cant seem to find them anywhere! I had placed them pointy end down in an egg carton and will put them in the incubator in the morning but should I be worried? Are these eggs scrambled? I guess I will candle in a few days and see if there is any sign of life...

Also I have 7 eggs in the bator now that I candled at day 3 and saw viens in all and then candled tonight and saw some more but my question is how do you know if you have quitters? Do you have to wait till after the hatch is done to find out and what should I be seeing at day 8?

Sorry about all the questions, thanks in advance for any reply's!


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Jan 21, 2009
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Hi Sara,
Sorry to hear your eggs had such a rough journey.
I candle at day 7 and then again at day 18.
If it is clear that an eggs doesn't have veining or does have a blood ring I cull the eggs at day 7.
then I candle again at day 18, it's very appearent on that day if your egg has developed because you basically have an air cell and the rest of the egg is dark because it's filled with a chick.
Some eggs are hard to tell because they may be dark shelled.
If for any reason you are not certain whether an egg is developing or not, hold on to until the day 18 candling.
As long as an egg is not giving off an odor or is not weeping fluids it is in no immediate danger of blowing up in the bator.
As for your new eggs, even if they seemed they may be badly scrambled I would give them a try in the incubator because you never know.
There might be some good ones in there.
Good luck!


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Mar 19, 2009
i got my quail eggs today and they are dirty, do i clean them and if so what with.

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