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Feb 14, 2011
Huntsville, Alabama
I've noticed a few people claiming 100 percent hatch recently. I don't think
I've ever had 100 percent fertility, but on occasion get 100 percent blanks.
All in all I get about a 40 percent to hatch rate and was curious how everybody
else is doing.


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Mar 18, 2011
Chino Valley, AZ
I just got my second batch of eggs where every last one has a broken air cell and this is out of 36. I am going to try and hatch them anyway but what kind of success could I possibly have? I blame the post office not the seller. I have been getting 100% out of my own eggs so I know it is not the incubator. Take an egg and see how hard it is to dislodge the air cell by shaking it and that will tell you something about shipping. But yet the eggs we get at the stores which are also shipped from somewhere don't have broken air cells.


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Nov 25, 2008
I am happy if I get 15% hatch rate from shipped araucana eggs. It is still cheaper than buy chicks and shipping them. I bought 20 chicks and 6 came dead. At $ 200.00 for the lot plus shipping. Thats $60.00 down the drain so hatching eggs are still a less expensive way to go. Doesn't stop me from getting my hopes up that someday I will have a great hatch from shipped eggs.

Something else to remember, incubation has alot to do with hatchability also. I have a 90% fertility rate on my own hatching eggs, but my hatch rates can be anywhere between 0% and 75%. I know alot has to be temp fluctuations on the incubator.

I am thrilled for those that have 100% hatch rates on shipped eggs. Its never been me.



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Nov 5, 2010
Australia :)
Only ever ordered eggs once, 48 eggs, zero chicks.


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Jun 16, 2011
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hope this helps.. I haven't kept track since the summer when I did this for another thread (for shipped eggs)
On my own chicken eggs I get around 90 - 100% hatch rate .. quail eggs are a bit less if I don't candle them for cracks before I set them

Keep in mind that I'm in Texas and when most of the eggs were shipped to me our temps were well over 100 degrees outside

1st shipment:
12 Orpington eggs 8 hatched (66% hatch rate) eggs were from Georgia received in mid July

2nd shipment:
18 Ameraucana eggs 10 hatched (55% hatch rate) eggs were from Texas received in mid July

3rd shipment:
12 Delaware eggs .. in horrible shape when i received them.. all had loose, extremely large air cells .. several were scrambled.. only 1 made it to lockdown and hatched.. none of the others had any signs of development at all.. (8% hatch rate) eggs were from South Carolina received in mid July

4th shipment:
11 turkey eggs .. also in pretty bad shape.. lots of detached air cells.. however the eggs did appear to be a lot fresher than the Delaware eggs.. 2 made it to lockdown.. both hatched .. none of the others had any sign of development.. (18% hatch rate) eggs were from Ohio received in mid July

5th shipment:
60 Coturnix quail eggs.. several were broken/cracked in transit.. 41 hatched .. rest were clears/cracked... (68% hatch rate) eggs were from Florida received in mid July

6th shipment:
13 Delaware eggs... all 13 looked great.. 3 hatched... (23% hatch rate) eggs were from Georgia received beginning of August

7th shipment:
19 turkey eggs.. all 19 appeared to be perfect eggs.. 14 hatched (74% hatch rate) .. eggs were from Mississippi received beginning of August

8th shipment:
12 Muscovy eggs... all 12 looked great.. eggs were from Ohio received mid August.. 5 hatched ... (42% hatch rate)

9th shipment:
8 Muscovy duck eggs.. all 8 had badly detached and bubbly air cells.. did not expect any to hatch.. eggs were from Virginia received end of August.. 2 hatched ... (25% hatch rate)

10th shipment:
30 Coturnix quail eggs.. 6 were cracked/broken and were removed.. eggs were from Florida received end of August 15 hatched .. (50% hatch rate)

11th shipment:
60 Coturnix quail 53/60 eggs Florida several were broken during transit... 12 hatched .. (20% hatch rate)


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Apr 2, 2010
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My experience with shipped eggs:

1. 9 Marans eggs-- 3 hatched.
2. 7 BBS Orps eggs -- 1 hatched.
3. 12 Marans eggs -- 0 hatched.
4. 7 Olive Egger eggs -- 1 hatched.
5. 4 turkey eggs -- 0 hatched.

My own chicken's eggs:

1. 7 mutts: 7 hatched.
2. 7 mutts: 6 hatched -- 1 died the next day and a second died 5 months later.
3. 7 mutts: 5 hatched -- 1 died.
4. 2 mutts; 5 Barnevelders: 4 hatched (these came from the fridge!!!!).

I now have 7 Barnevelder eggs (my own) and 112 or so Coturnix eggs (shipped) in my incubators. I would be ecstatic if 30 hatched from the Coturnix eggs.
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Aug 27, 2011
Lincoln Nebraska
This last time i had 100% hatch rate and the time before from the same person i had about 80% hatch rate BUT i had gotten other shipments from other people with no such luck with this other person out of 32 eggs i had 3 hatch and then the other time out of 30 eggs 1 hatch


Apr 9, 2010
Glasgow, KY
With shipped eggs I average about 50-60% hatch rate.
With my own eggs I average about 99-100% hatch rate.

My latest shipment was slow being delivered from the post office; received eight (8) days later with priority shipment.
Got a 40% hatch rate with those.


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May 10, 2010
Only have done one batch of shipped eggs.

9 GLW eggs shipped 2000 miles, in December. All had bad air cells (thank you post office). 7 made it to lockdown, and 6 hatched. 67% success.


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Oct 19, 2009
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Only once ever had 0% hatch/fertility.

I usually end up with 50% fertility or better, hatch rate though is NOT dependent on shipping itself, so I'm not going to count that in.

I have had 100% fertility before though
More than once.

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