Shipped eggs - two ruptured air cells - Update


14 Years
Mar 30, 2008
Is there any chance that an egg with a ruptured air cell will hatch? If I were to try, what would be the best way to go about it? I read a few posts here on BYC that indicahe that in those cases it's best to incubate them in an egg carton with minimal tilting? If I were to try that, would it be best to do that the whole way through or would it be better to start them under a broody hen and move them to the incubator and set them large end up right through hatch? I figure that it doesn't hurt to at least try, but not sure what the best method would be...
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In my experience, you can get eggs with ruptured air cells to hatch if you use an egg turner or egg carton to keep them upright. You'll need to keep them upright throughout the incubator period. I wouldn't put them under the broody.
Thank you! I'll set them upright in the GQF. I have my last 2 eggs in there that should hatch on Saturday, I was planning on shutting it down and putting it away but I guess those plans have changed. Do you think these eggs will be ok to sit until then so that I can give the incubator a quick cleaning before setting them? I had a staggered hatch and all have hatched in the incubator (not a seperate hatcher). It would probably be best to clean the incubator first, wouldn't it?

The seller has very graciously offered to replace the eggs if I pay shipping, but it wasn't his fault so I probably won't take him up on his offer.
It won't hurt anything to give them a try. I had some black cayuga duck eggs ship from IL to TX and almost every air cell was busted!!! I was upset but I put all 14 in the bator and got 7 ducks. I just stood them in my Turkey egg trays and into the Dickey's. Good luck!
Well, I figure that if I don't try, they won't hatch for sure. When you put them in your Dickeys, did you have a turner in there and if so was it going?
Yes, it has a turner and I used it. They turn about every 1.5 hours. It tilts about 45degs each direction so they get about a 90 deg turn each time.
Ok, that's what I will do... do you think they will be ok sitting until Saturday when my last 2 hatch? Your turner sounds like the one in my GQF. Would the bubbles from the ruptured air cell disturb the veining trying to form if they were started under the broody? Just curious...
Every ruptured air sack in peacock eggs,,from my experience your better off just throwing them away. I have had several arrive that way,,I put them in the very bottom tray that does not tilt or turn,,check them 4-5 days later,and air sack still floats all over with no blood vessels formed,,probably had 20 eggs arrive that way,,after about the 15th egg not making any progress or development,I have given up.

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