Shipping Crates to Coop - Day 1

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    I'm a newbie, but things are coming along nicely. Shipping crates were delivered ($50 on Craigslist). See pic below. My DH and I are playing a game to see how much we an get for free or nominal. Today I gathered the following - $5 for 3 nice piles of scrap moldings (many still 8 feet long), Half moon window 30x37 for $12, 21x4 piece of linoleum for $5. 6 pallets for free.


    Here's hoping that Saturday he'll be in the mood for a little woodworking session. (Thank Goodness Nascar is done for the season!)
  2. Can't wait to see the end product! When I built my coop, i ended up dumpster diving at a new house that was being built. My coop now has nicer oak mouldings than my house! and better windows. [​IMG]
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