shipping day-old ducklings and chicks? how is it done?


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Apr 28, 2011
do i have to be NPIP to ship day-olds? wheres a good place to get boxes?
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CelticOaks - do you ship ducks?
I am only wondering, for those who have gone through NPIP certification - has it helped financially, or is another one of those areas of raising backyard flocks/poultry farming that adds cost to the operation without adding much profit? Or is it the kind of thing that, once NPIP certified it becomes easier to (at least) break even?

(I don't have any ideas for "turning a profit" out of my backyard, just something I have wondered about.)
Some states charge while others offer NPIP testing for free. Some have en more tests available than others. Breaking even is a funny thought as a farm, especially a poultry operation. Having the ability to ship eggs and lives does open up a larger market though, making it easier to move product that your local market may not have the ability to support. I will say this, becoming NPIP will limit where you can buy new stock from. Once NPIP you can only buy from NPIP sources or loose your NPIP until retested.
I have shipped and never been asked about NPIP, I did ask the post office and basically they don't care, I have talked to and rec'd from others and I am getting the same story. Not saying getting NPIP is a bad thing, but why bother if no one cares?
Well that's a risk each has to choose. Some states have very strict rules on shipping live birds. Some will take the birds if not shipped with the correct paperwork and tests and permits. It puts the receiver and shipper at risk for fines in some cases.
but the state has nothing to do with shipping, it is the federal government.

Here is a question, not to argue but a point that was brought up to me.

A person has poultry that he has NPIP tested and is certified, neighbor has chickens that are not and can contact the others chickens, or another example wild game birds continue to fly into the yard of the person with NPIP certification, how is this different than getting birds from a non NPIP person?
DuckGirl, you are minor. I would hesitate to advise you to ship birds without NPIP. I am not sure you are considering it, but I think - if you are - you should re-think it.
I doubt it would be a life defining issue if you got caught, but some rules are in place for a reason. I think it would be ill advised to break any FEDERAL rules/guidelines.
You seem very dedicated to breeding, I think it would be best to do things "by the book" from the beginning. Unfortunately, reputations are more easily ruined than healed. If something were to happen to the ducks, the seller, etc. because you didn't have NPIP I think you would feel awful. And it could jeopardize your reputation for longer than waiting to get things in order does.

I'm not trying to lecture you, just caution you. These sorts of things can be a slippery slope.

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