shipping eggs-i must be doing it wrong-please help

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  1. i sent my husband to the post office with some eggs to mail today.
    they were packed in the same boxes that i received other eggs in.
    the box was mailed to me from missouri and cost under $10 priority.....but when i packed it (with smaller eggs, mind you) the cost from florida to pennsylvania was nearly $21! am i doing something wrong? my husband asked for priority mail with shipping confirmation. that's right, isn't it?

    the contents of the box was 1 dozen denizli eggs (medium sized eggs) in an egg carton lined with cotton batting. it was placed in another box and surrounded by packing peanuts. that box was placed in anther box, surrounded by packing peanuts and sealed.

    help! what am i doing wrong?
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    Did you use flat rate boxes? They are the ones that are $9.85.
  3. Quote:no! i've never heard of 'em. do they charge for the flat rate boxes?
    can the flat rate boxes be sent priority mail?

    they wanted to charge my husband $3.19 for one box and $1.98 for another. i was told, i though, that mailing boxes were available at no cost?
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    You can have the P.O. send you packs of boxes for free. Go to the USPS website. That was an outrageous price and makes no sensse. I sent a heavy box from GA to WA and it was only $16. If the box is Flat Rate, it says so on the box. The most expensive one is $12.95

  5. Quote:so are you paying the flat rate charge when you actually get the empty box at the post office? or when you mail it? i feel like a total idiot.......i didn't know what to say to my husband when he came home and told me what they soaked him for mailing those eggs
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    all of the above,, lol,, and, it dont matter what they charge from say, maine to texas,, the price is usually different if shipped texas to maine [​IMG] , its based on the "traffic" amount that usually goes between the states, and the direction.,,, kinda like with plane tickets,, cheaper to buy tickets from maine to texas, then to buy tickets from maine to new york [​IMG] .
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    Mind you I've only shipped all of three boxes of eggs, but none cost more than about 8.00-10.00 with shipping confirmation. I don't think I've ever gotten any that were that expensive either. Hmm

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    I sent a huge box of eggs to Fudgie that also had a fish tank in it (1 &1/2 gallon). It had 3 dozen eggs, the tank, paper, what have you, in it, and the total shipping was $19. How big was the box?

    ETA: The p.o. measures the dimensions and weight of the box to calculate shipping. Are you sure he didn't accidentaly get express?
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    The flat rate boxes are available at the post office, are pre-printed with "flat rate box" on them and also have the Priority Mail design on them. They are free of charge, you take them home, pack your eggs in them, seal them up and take them back to the PO and then are charged a flat rate depending on the "flat rate box size" you used. I think there are 4 different sizes available. But you have to request the Flat rate boxes and only use them to
    get the flat rate. You can go to the website here and see the sizes and order some boxes if you want. I usually just go by the post office and they have the flat rate boxes out and I can just grab some. Just make sure they are indeed the flat rate boxes.

    here's a link to the usps site descriping the flat rate process

    Good luck!


  10. Quote:the box was 15x12x10 and the receipt does indeed say priority mail.

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