Shipping Emergency!!!!!


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Feb 21, 2013
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Wasn't sure where to post this, so hope this is all right....

I ordered two BW Ameraucana pullets from a small breeder in CA - I am in ME. After weeks of waiting, they finally shipped out yesterday, and were guaranteed to arrive today at noon.

Noon came and went - no call from our PO. We called and checked - no birds. We made frantic phone calls, went to the PO, and a whole lot of nothing. The tracking for them ends in San Diego, and no one seems to know where they are. We have put in call after call, telling the PO that these birds could be suffering, and may die if not found and delivered.

I'm so scared that these babies are lost somewhere, suffering. They are 6 weeks old, and the breeder included fruit to keep them fed and hydrated. If they are located, do you think they'll still be all right tomorrow???? I'm going crazy here just worrying......


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First thing, calm down. Next thing, the USPS hands off the actual delivery of the birds from the origin to a sorting facility near the destination to a second party, usually FedEx. That second party still has them which is why the USPS can't find them. (Don't call FedEx, they won't be able to find them either.) Most likely they were bumped from a flight due to dry ice (and be glad they were). They will be fine even if they are a day late.

I had similar issues sending out birds last fall. Not sure what's up on the FedEx end of things.


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Apr 19, 2011
If they were younger, I'd be more worried. They're 6 weeks old, and should be pretty tough. If they come in a day late and they don't make it, they're probably bad stock anyway. But I highly doubt that they won't. They should be fine...
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Apr 4, 2013
If they were shipped via FedEx SmartPost, then because of the bombings in Boston last week, and the fact that you're in ME, which is in the New England area, it may have delayed the shipment, because they're still catching up from the delays that they created last week, due to heightened security. I know it's frustrating... I had a package from ID that was shipped on the 15th, the day of the bombings, and it never even went NEAR the area of New England, but it was 6 days late from the original arrival date of the 18th. In fact, on the 17th, it was in my state, but in the southern part of North Dakota, and I'm in the northern part... ended up going to Minneapolis and sat for 2-3 days before they even delivered it to the FedEx SmartPost facility which is located in the suburbs of Minneapolis, and from there, no further updates, until it showed up yesterday, the 24th, at my post office.

Sorry, hun... but patience is going to be the deal here.


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Mar 19, 2013
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So typical of USPS. Last year I ordered a pair of show quality canaries and the same thing happened. After several phone calls and complaints they figured out that it was placed on a wrong truck and was heading hundreds of miles away up north. Several more phone calls and escalations later they finally sent a private carrier to pick them up and drive them directly to me from about 200 miles away.

Did you ever end up receiving your chicks?


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Oct 12, 2011
I'm curious to know if you got your birds yet?

This happened to me a couple years back with salamanders. I paid for overnight shipping. However, they did not get shipped overnight. For 5 days my poor salamanders were lost in the mail, somewhere.. I don't know where.

Miraculously they made it to my mailbox and were ALIVE!! One of them had lost an eye in the shipping.

They've since been rehomed because I moved and couldn't take them with me but as far as I know they're still alive and kickin!

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